There is an urgent need for help in India.

“In COVID’s grip, India gasps for air: “If there is an apocalypse, this has to be one” – the latest from India.


Behind every Covid patient who suffered and died, there are many children, parents, spouses, and relative suffering,

In many ways losing financial and emotional support besides the loss of a loved one.

Mass cremations have become too common all over India.

Arham Charities is partnering with  many NGO’s across India, to provide direct help and adopt families who  are severely impacted due to Covid-19.

Our mission with this partnership is to:

  • Assist low income families and even many middle class families that are impacted by the pandemic, as thousands of families have lost their source of income, lost their breadwinner.
  • Assist families who have  incurred significant medical expenses due to covid. – Over 100 families adopted already.
  • Assist young kids who have lost their loved one to find new home.
  • Procure and ship medical equipments to hospitals and covid camps across India. 15 Oxygen machines shipped to date.

We call upon you to take this opportunity with both hands,  We need your BIG donations NOW.

Please see the details provided below and ACT very quickly

Arham Charities is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of

Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code . Tax ID Number: 47-2097588

Company Match Program:

Regardless what option you choose to donate from below, please remember you can request your company to match your donation to  Arham Charities , follow steps below:

1) Register  “Arham Charities”  in your company Donation / Give program or Administrator with  EIN # 47-2097588

2) Make your donation from one of the options below

3) Submit your proof of donation to your company administrator and request match from your company to  “Arham Charities”  your donation now has double the impact.

Memo: Covid-19 India 

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5. Donate via Donor Advice Fund [DAF]

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Mail Address:  Arham Charities, 28 Images Circle, Milpitas, CA 95035

6. Stock Donation [Donate your Appreciated Stock for this nobel cause] 

Call your brokerage firm and provide below info:

Charity Name: Arham Charities,  EIN # 47-2097588

Charity Account Number  TD Ameritrade # 232570870

Arham is making a significant impact, Track our progress below, We Thank all our Donors